Warfare 1917

Warfare 1917

Lead your army into victory and with show who is the Commander
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WarFare 1917 is a game for all lovers of battlefields. Our army leaves the outposts from the left side of the screen, and the harsh battle begins. On the first level you will have only snipers at your disposal, more than enough to disrupt enemy lines from a safe distance.

First you should choose what country you'd like to play with, either Great Britain or Germany. In case you're wondering, you have to choose between these two countries because the game will take us back to the World War I.

Command your army using the classic point and click method. The soldiers on the trenches are taking cover against enemy attacks, but after you direct them into battle they will without any hesitation move quickly and execute their task. As you advance make sure you enhance your armory, buy advanced weapons, train your officers, and upgrade your equipment to ensure a delicious victory.

Play in campaign mode or create a custom game, they can be saved to resume the adventure later. Victory is achieved by taking over the enemy's ground or wearing down the enemy's morale. The latter is shown as a bar on the enemy's side; if this counter reaches zero, you have won the game.

Lead your army into victory and with show who is the Commander.

Jonathan Palencia
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  • Extremely fun and addictive
  • Very entertaining
  • Encourages research about WWI


  • You'll get fired if you play on the office and get addicted
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